Research Publications - 2005

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  • B. Abbott, et. al. (LIGO Colaboration)
    "A Search for Gravitational Waves Associated with the Gamma Ray Burst GRB030329 Using the LIGO Detectors"
    IGPG-05/1-4 (2005)

  • S.D. Barthelmy, G. Chincarini, D.N. Burrows, N. Gehrels, S. Conivo, S. Kobayashi, et al.
    "Unravelling the origin of short gamma-ray bursts"
    IGPG-05/8-2 (2005)

  • D.N. Burrows, P. Romano, A. Falcone, S. Kobayashi, B. Zhang, et al.
    "Bright X-ray flares in XRF 050406 and GRB 050502B provide evidence for extended central engine actvity"
    astro-ph/0506130 (2005)

  • D.N. Burrows, J.E. Hill, G. Chincarini, G. Tagliaferri, S. Campana, A. Moretti, P. Romano, D. Malesani, J.L. Racusin, S. Kobayashi, B. Zhang, et al.
    "SWIFT XRT & VLT Observations of the Afterglow of GRB 041223"
    ApJL 622, L85-L88 (2005)

  • S. Campana, L.A. Antonelli, G. Chincarini, S. Covino, G. Cusumano, D. Malesani, V. Mangano, A. Moretti, C. Pagani, P. Romano, G. Tagliaferri, M. Capalbi, M. Perri, P. Giommi, L. Angelini, P. Boyd, D.N. Burrows, J.E. Hill, C. Gronwall, J.A. Kennea, S. Kobayashi, P. Kumar, et al.
    "SWIFT Observations of GRB050128: The Early X-Ray Afterglow"
    ApJ Lett. 625, L23-L26 (2005)

  • B.E. Carlson, E. Brobeck, C.J. Jilings, Michelle B. Larson, T.W. Lynn, and R.D. McKeown
    "Search for Correlated High Energy Cosmic Ray Events with CHICOS"
    J. Phys. G. Nucl. Partic. 31 (5), 409-416(2005)

  • G. Chincarini, A. Moretti, P. Romano, S. Covino, G. Tagliaferri, S. Campana, M. Goad, S. Kobayashi, B. Zhang, et al.
    "Prompt and afterglow early X-ray phases in the commoving frame. Evidence for Universal properties?"
    astro-ph/0506453, (2005)

  • M. De Pasquale, A.P. Beardmore, S.D. Barthelmy, P. Boyd, D.N. Burrows, S. Kobayashi, et al.
    "Swift and optical observations of GRB050401"
    IGPG-05/8-1 (2005)

  • Y.Z. Fan, B. Zhang, S. Kobayashi, and P. Meszaros
    "Optical Afterglows of Short Gamma-Ray Bursts and GRB 040924"
    Astrophysical Journal 628, 867-872 (2005)

  • J.R. Gair, D.J. Kennefick, and S.L. Larson
    "Gravitational radiation timescales for extreme mass ratio inspirals"
    astro-ph/0508275 (2005)

  • J.R. Gair, D.J. Kennefick, and S.L. Larson
    "Semi-relativistic approximation to gravitational radiation from encounters with black holes"
    gr-qc/0508049 (2005)

  • N. Gehrels, L. Barbier, S.D. Barthelmy, A. Blustin, D.N. Burrows, J. Cannizzo, J.R. Cummings, M. Goad, S.T. Holland, C.P. Hurkett, J.A. Kennea, A. Levan, C.B. Markwardt, K.O. Mason, P. Meszaros, P.T. O'Brien, M. Page, D.M. Palmer, E. Rol, T. Sakamoto, C.L. Sarazin, R. Willingale, B. Zhang, L. Angelini, A. Beardmore, P.T. Boyd, A. Breeveld, S. Campana, M.M. Chester, G. Chincarini, L.R. Cominsky, G. Cusumano, M. de Pasquale, E.E. Fenimore, P. Giommi, C. Gronwall, D. Grupe, J.E. Hill, D. Hinshaw, J. Hjorth, S. Hullinger, K.C. Hurley, S. Klose, S. Kobayashi, C. Kouveliotou, et al.
    "The first localization of a short gamma-ray burst by Swift"
    astro-ph/0505630, (2005)

  • J.E. Hill, D.C. Morris, T. Sakamoto, G. Sato, D.N. Burrows, L. Angelini, C. Pagani, A. Moretti, A.F. Abbey, S. Barthelmy, A.P. Beardmore, M. Capalbi, P. Giommi, J. Kennea, S. Kobayashi, K. Ioka, C. Markwardt, P. Meszaros, P.T. O'Brien, et al.
    "GRB 050117: Simultaneous Gamma-ray and X-ray Observations with the Swift Satellite"
    IGPG-05/6-7, (2005)

  • K. Ioka, S. Razzaque, S. Kobayashi, and P. Meszaros
    "TeV-PeV Neutrinos from Giant Flares of Magnetars and the Case of SGR 1806-20"

  • K. Ioka and P. Meszaros
    "Spatial Correlation of Massive Black Hole Mergers: Probing the Formation Mechanism and the Reionization"
    astro-ph/0502437 (2005)

  • D.I. Jones
    "Bounding the Mass of the Graviton Using Eccentric Binaries"
    ApJL 618, L115 (2005)

  • S. Kobayashi, B. Zhang, P. Meszaros, and B. Burrows
    "Inverse Compton X-ray Flare from GRB Reverse Shock"
    astro-ph/0506157, (2005)

  • B. Lackey, M. Nayyar, B.J. Owen
    "Observational Constraints on Hyperons in Neutron Stars"
    IGPG-05/7-2 (2005)

  • M.B. Larson, L.J. Rubbo, K.D. Zaleski, and S.L. Larson
    "Science Icebreaker Activities: An Example from Gravitational Wave Astronomy"
    Physics/0503198 (2005)

  • M.B. Larson
    "Universe Interactive: Static Displays with Active Components"
    The Physics Teacher, Vol. 43 P. 19-20 (2005)

  • S.L. Larson,
    "Workshop Summary for "Imagining the Future: Gravitational Wave Astronomy""
    IGPG-05/1-3 (2005)

  • K. Moody and S. Sigurdsson
    "Black Hole Mergers in Globular Clusters with Realistic Initial Conditions"
    IGPG-05/1-1 (2005)

  • H.P. Pfeiffer, L.E. Kidder, M.A. Scheel, and Deirdre Shoemaker
    "Initial data for Einstein's equations with superposed gravitational waves"
    Phys. Rev. D 71, 024020 (2005)

  • B. Reimann, M. Alcubierre, J. Gonzalez, and D. Nunez
    "Constraint and Gauge Shocks in One-Dimensional Numerical Relativity"
    Phys. Rev. D71 064021, (2005)

  • C. Sopuerta, P. Sun, P. Laguna, and J. Xu
    "A Toy Model for Testing Finite Element Methods to Simulate Extreme-Mass-Ratio Binary Systems"
    IGPG-05/7-3 (2005)

  • U. Sperhake, B. Kelly, P. Laguna, K.L. Smith, and E. Schnetter
    "Black Hole Head-On Collisions and Gravitational Waves with Fixed Mesh-Refinement and Dynamic Singularity Excision"
    Phys. Rev. D 71 (12) 4042 (2005)

  • G. Tagliaferri, M. Goad, G. Chincarini, A. Moretti, S. Campana, S. Kobayashi, P. Meszaros, et al.
    "The Steeply Decaying Early Afterglow of Two Gamma Ray Bursts Observed by SWIFT"
    IGPG-05/5-1 (2005)

  • R. Takagi and S. Kobayashi
    "Bulk Compton Emission in the GRB Internal Shock Model"
    ApJL 622, L25-L28 (2005)

  • S.E. Timpano, L.J. Rubbo, and N.J. Cornish
    "Characterizing the Galactic Gravitational Wave Background with LISA"
    gr-qc/0504071, (2005)

  • R. Yamazaki, K. Ioka, F. Takahara, and N. Shibazaki
    "Giant flare of SGR 1806-20 from a relativistic jet"
    Publ. Astron. Soc. JPN 57 (3) L11-L15 (2005)

  • N. Yunes, W. Tichy, B.J. Owen, and B. Bruegmann
    "Binary Black Hole Initial Data from Matched Asymptotic Expansions"
    gr-qc/0503011 (2005)

  • B. Zhang and S. Kobayashi
    "Gamma-Ray Burst Early Afterglows: Reverse Shock Emission from an Arbitrarily Magnetized Ejecta"
    Astrophysical Journal 628, 315-334 (2005)

  • B. Zhang, Y.Z. Fan, J. Dyks, S. Kobayashi, P. Meszaros, et al.
    "Physical processes shaping GRB X-ray afterglow lightcurves: theoretical implications from the Swift XRT observations"

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