Research Publications - 2003

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  • B. Abbott, et al. (LIGO Collaboration)
    "Detector Description and Performance for the First Coincidence Observations between LIGO and GEO"
    Nuclear Istrumentation

  • M. Ashley and S.M. Scott
    "Curvature Singularities and Abstract Boundary Singularity Theorems for Space-Time"
    Contemporary Mathematics, vol. 327, 9-19

  • O. Dreyer, B. Krishnan, D. Shoemaker, and E. Schnetter
    "Introduction to Isolated Horizons in Numerical Relativity"
    Phys. Rev. D 67, 024018 (2003)

  • L.S. Finn
    "No Statistical Excess in Explorer/Nautilus Observations in the Year 2001"
    Class. Quantum Grav. 20, L37-L44 (2003)

  • N. Jansen, B. Bruegmann, and W. Tichy
    "Numerical Stability of the AA Evolution System Compared to the ADM and BSSN Systems"

  • N. Jansen, P. Diener, J. Hansen, A. Khokhlov, and I. Novikov
    "Local and Global Properties of Conformal Initial Data for Black-Hole Collisions"
    Class Quantum Grav. 20, 51-73 (2003)

  • S. Kobayashi and P. Meszaros
    "Gravitational Radiation from Gamma-Ray Burst Progenitors"
    APJ 589, 861-870 (2003)

  • S. Kobayashi and P. Meszaros
    "Polarized Gravitational Waves from Gamma-Ray Bursts"
    APJ 585, L89-L92 (2003)

  • S. Kobayashi and K. Asano
    "Dispersion of Break Energy in the GRB Internal Shock Model"
    Astronomical Soc. of Japan, V55, No. 3

  • S. Kobayashi and B. Zhang
    "Early Optical Afterglows from Wind-Type Gamma-Ray Bursts"
    APJ 597, 455-458 (2003)

  • P. Laguna and D. Shoemaker
    "Numerical Stability of a New Conformal-Traceless 3+1 Formulation of the Einstein Equation"
    Class. Quantum Grav. 19, 3679-3686 (2002)

  • P. Meszaros, S. Kobayashi, S. Razzaque, and B. Zhang
    "High Energy Photons, Neutrinos and Gravitational Waves from Gamma-Ray Bursts"

  • D. Shoemaker, K. Smith, U. Sperhake, P. Laguna, E. Schnetter, and D. Fiske
    "Moving Black Holes Via Singularity Excision"
    Class. Quantum Grav. 20, 3729-3744 (2003)

  • P.J. Sutton, L.S. Finn, and B. Krishnan
    "Swift Pointing and Gravitational-Wave Bursts from Gamma-Ray Bursts Events"
    Class. Quantum Grav. 20, S815-S820 (2003)

  • W. Tichy, B. Bruegmann, and P. Laguna
    "Gauge Conditions for Binary Black Hole Puncture Data Based on an Approximate Helical Killing Vector"
    Phys. Rev. D 69, 064008 (2003)

  • M. Visser and N. Yunes
    "Power Laws, Scale Invariance and the Generalized Frobenius Series: Applications to Newtonian and Tov Stars Near Criticality"
    IJMPA 18, #20, (2003)

  • B. Zhang, S. Kobayashi, and P. Meszaros
    "Gamma-Ray Burst Early Optical Afterglow: Implications for the Initial Lorentz Factor and the Central Engine"
    APJ 595, 950-954 (2003)

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