Research Initiatives

Gravitational Wave Sources and Astrophysics Numerical Relativity and Source Simulations Data Analysis and Interpretation

Matter in motion generates ripples that propagate in spacetime. Known as gravitational waves, these ripples travel out from the source, much like waves generated by a stone tossed into a pond. The forthcoming generation of ground and space-based gravitational wave detectors have unleashed exciting challenges and opportunities at the interface of general relativity, astrophysics, and experimental physics. The waves they will detect arise in strong, dynamical gravitational fields, offering the first opportunities to test our understanding of fully nonlinear relativistic gravity. Simultaneously, with the first detection, gravitational wave astronomy will open a new window to the Universe allowing astronomers to probe environments thus far inaccessible to conventional telescopes: e.g., the collision of black holes in the center of a galaxy at high redshift.

Research at the Center focuses on interdisciplinary problems at the interface of general relativity, gravitational waves, astrophysics and detector design. Click on each image above to learn more about research in these different areas.