Shantanu Desai - Postdoctoral Scholar

Physical Address:

334D Whitmore Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: +1.814.865.3331
Fax: +1.814.863.9608

Mailing Address:

The Pennsylvania State University
Department of Physics
104 Davey Laboratory
PMB 155
University Park, PA 16802

Research Interests

I am mainly working on various aspects of gravitational wave data analysis from the LIGO detectors. In the past, I have worked on identifying sources of transient detector noise which could masquerade as gravitational wave signals and then developing methods to "veto" such false gravitational wave events. The figure shows an example of a false gravitational wave signal (top figure) induced by a transient signal in an auxiliary control channel (bottom figure) in the fourth LIGO science run.

For the current ongoing LIGO science run (called "S5"), I (along with others at Penn State) have developed an analysis pipeline using the Block-Normal event trigger generator to search the LIGO data for short-duration unmodeled gravitational wave burst signals in near real time. Studying the cause of some of these highest amplitude events from this pipeline has helped identify and fix some problems with the LIGO DAQ.

I am also maintaining an event display tool (initially developed at MIT)which produces some basic statistics of data from the gravitational wave channel and produces spectrograms and time-series from the gravitational wave channel as well as a variety of control, seismic, and environmentalchannels at any given time of interest.