Birjoo Vaishnav - Graduate Student

Physical Address:

334 Whitmore Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: +1.814.865.3243
Fax: +1.814.863.9608

Mailing Address:

The Pennsylvania State University
Department of Physics
104 Davey Laboratory
PMB 199
University Park, PA 16802

Research Interests

Gravitational Waveforms from Balck Hole Mergers

The project I am working on is to form a model waveform for black hole merger. The initial phase of the coalescence - the slow inspiral, and the last stage - the ringdown of the Black hole after the apparent horizons have merged, are reasonably well understood. The intermediate region is highly non-linear and requires difficult numerically simulations leading to the question...Can one construct some sort of an approximate physical model for this intermediate, turbulent stage? This is the current focus of our research.