Andrew Knapp - Graduate Student

Physical Address:

322 Whitmore Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: +1.814.863.6460
Fax: +1.814.863.9608

Mailing Address:

The Pennsylvania State University
Department of Physics
104 Davey Laboratory
PMB 90
University Park, PA 16802

Research Interests

Binary Black Holes in Grazing Collisions

I am currently working in Numerical Relativity. During the past few months, the field has seen an exciting jump in productivity. Many groups are now dynamically solving binary black hole initial data. We are now entering the domain where extracting physics should be the main push.

In this image, two grazing black holes have just merged--a common apparent horizon has been found. The individual horizons can still be seen.

In this respect, I have been working on grazing collisions of equal mass black hole binaries. By varying the impact parameter--how far off axis the black holes are--I hope to discern the dependence of the emitted gravitational waves on this distance.