Welcome to the Center for Gravitational Wave Physics

Our Mission: to foster research of a truly interdisciplinary character linking the highest caliber astrophysics, gravitational wave physics and experimental gravitational wave detection in the pursuit of the scientific understanding of gravity and the development of gravitational wave observations as a tool of observational astronomy.

  • Interested in our research? Follow the Research to learn about some of our reseach in gravitational wave phenomenology and astronomy.
  • Interested in scientific meetings? We periodically sponsor workshops each year on frontier topics in gravitational wave physics. Follow the Events link for information on forthcoming and past workshops, including electronic versions of the presentations.
  • Interested in joining us? The Center for Gravitational Wave Physics is an interdisciplinary research center with roots in the Penn State Physics and Astronomy and Astrophysics departments. Openings for Postdoctoral Scholars are posted on our web site and advertised in the AAS Job Register, the MacCallum Gravity e-mail list, and other venues. Current graduate students interested in working with Center faculty should contact those faculty directly. Prospective graduate students interested in working with Center faculty in areas of gravitational wave science should apply in the usual way to the relevant department.