Radiation Reaction in General Relativity

Center for Gravitational Wave Physics
Penn State University
24 - 30 May, 2002

  • Warren Anderson (University of Texas, Brownsville)
  • Patrick Brady (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
  • Eanna Flanagan (Cornell University)
  • Lee Samuel Finn (Penn State Center for Gravitational Wave Physics)

Understanding and calculating the radiation reaction force on a point particle is an important open problem in general relativity. In the case of extreme mass-ratio binary systems, such as a stellar mass compact object in orbit about a much more massive black hole, the ability to calculate the self-force is critical to our ability to use LISA observations of these systems to explore the spacetime in the neighborhood of a black hole.

Considerable progress has been made toward a formal solution to this problem and toward developing techniques applicable to calculating the self-force in extreme-mass-ratio compact binary systems. The focus of this meeting is on the implementation of local force methods to compute the self-force and the gravitational waveforms in these systems. Questions to be addressed include gauge transformations in regularization schemes, comparison of local force calculations to conservation law approach, and reconstruction of metric perturbations in Kerr spacetime.

For more information on this focus session, please contact either the organizing committee.


To maximize the focus sessions productivity a reading list has been prepared. Participants are asked to have read and/or reviewed these papers before the workshop begins

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