Pulsar Timing Array -- A Nanohertz Gravitational Wave Telescope

Center for Gravitational Wave Physics
Penn State University
21-23 July 2005
Contents: Registration; Accommodations; Program Sessions and Speakers
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Program Committee:
Andrea Lommen, Franklin and Marshall College
Rick Jenet, University of Texas - Brownsville
Lee Samuel Finn, Penn State University
Michelle Larson, Penn State University
Pulsar timing offers a unique opportunity to detect nano-Hz frequency gravitational waves. The nano-Hz regime fills a void between the ultra-low frequency band probed by cosmic microwave background experiments and higher frequency bands probed by space and ground based gravitational wave observatories. Sources of gravitational waves detectable using pulsar timing methods include coalescing supermassive black hole binary systems distributed throughout the universe, relic gravitational waves generated at the birth of the universe, and cosmic strings.

The main goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers in gravitational wave, massive black hole, and pulsar astrophysics in order to discuss and advance the research that will lead to gravitational wave detection using pulsar timing. Talks will be given to promote useful discussions on the topics of improving pulsar timing, developing gravitational wave detection techniques, interpreting observations, and better understanding the sources of gravitational waves in the nano-Hz frequency regime.

The workshop program will consist of a small set of short talks, each followed by an extended discussion period. Each talk is meant to spark discussion on a particular subject.

All participants are invited to present relevant work on pulsar timing during the poster session. Please submit poster abstracts to pta-local@gravity.psu.edu by 6 July 2005.

A workshop banquet will be held on the night of 22 July at the Nittany Lion Inn, on the Penn State Campus.
The registration fee for this workshop is $80.00. To pay by credit card follow this link and select the link "Center for Gravitational Wave Physics." If you wish to pay by check or cash please contact the organizers.

Limited funds are available to supplement travel costs for students and postdocs. To request funds send a note outlining the level of support you require, as well as a letter from your advisor indicating how this meeting relates to your research interests and how particiption will enhance your professional development.

Requests should be sent via email to the local organizing committee at pta-local@gravity.psu.edu.

There has been a block of rooms reserved at the Days Inn Penn State, where the workshop will be taking place. The room block will be released on 20 June 2005, please make your reservation before this date. You can contact the Days Inn by phone or mail. When making your reservation please refer to the PSIC workshop room block. If you would like wireless acess in your hotel room please indicate this at the time you make your reservation.
Days Inn Penn State
240 S. Pugh Street
State College, PA 16801
Phone: 1-800-258-3297
Fax: 814-234-3377
For travel information to State College please follow this link.
For more information about this focus session, please contact either the or committee.