Globular Cluster Dynamics and Gravitational Radiation

Center for Gravitational Wave Physics
Penn State University
17-20 October, 2003

Scientific Organizing Committee:
  • Matt Benacquista (Montana State University-Billings)
  • Lee Samuel Finn (Penn State Center for Gravitational Wave Physics)
  • Cole Miller (University of Maryland)
  • Steinn Sigurdsson (Penn State Center for Gravitational Wave Physics)

Focus sessions are small, intense, expert meetings on a well-defined set of scientific questions. The emphasis is on discussion, understanding and future planning.

M4 ground
Cluster dynamics has a profound influence on the nature of cluster binary populations by opening up new channels for binary evolution. Many of these binaries or their end products will be sources of detectable gravitational radiation This focus session's goal is to explore the interplay between cluster dynamics and gravitational wave observations, focusing on how thos observations can inform our understanding of globular clusters:
How can gravitational wave observations inform us about globular cluster structure, composition and evolution? (For example, binary component masses, or mass spectra, the presence of black holes or upper limit on coalescence rates, etc.)
What are the data analysis challenges of identifying particular sources in globular clusters, and what is the "state of the art" in addressing these challenges?
What are the anticipated sources and bounds on the anticipated source rates?
Are there any properties cluster properties observable in gravitational waves that are constant between clusters such that we can talk about aggregate properties of globular clusters?


The meeting is organized into four main sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of globular cluster models, modeling, and gravitational wave signatures of the source astrophysics. Each session consists of a small number of invited talks that are meant to spark longer discussion on the principal issues.


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