Astrophysical Applications of Numerical Relativity Workshop

May 6-11, 2006 - Guanajuato, Mexico

Sponsored By:
Center for Gravitational Wave Physics
Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Schedule; Participants; Accommodations & Travel Information
Program Committee:
Manuela Campanelli (CGWA)
Sam Finn (CGWP)
Pablo Laguna (CGWP)

The Penn State Center for Gravitational Wave Physics and the University of Texas at Brownsville Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy are pleased to announce the first Astrophysical Applications of Numerical Relativity Workshop, to be held May 6-11, 2006 in the city of Guanajuato, Mexico.

AANR is intended to be the first in a continuing series of meetings focused on the *application* of existing numerical relativity tools to problems of current astrophysical interest: for example, interpretation of gravitational wave observations, multi-messenger signatures of astrophysical phenomena, and to assist in gravitational wave and other data analysis efforts.

This first AANR workshop will adopt the format of the successful "Capra" meetings on radiation reaction: i.e., an informal working meeting with participation limited to ~20-30 people. During the first two days, a small number of invited and contributed talks will set the stage by summarizing the status of existing simulation capabilities and outlining the current problems in the area of gravitational wave physics, astronomy and data analysis where simulation activities can stimulate progress. In the remainder of the meeting participants will self-organize into smaller groups that will work toward a better understanding of the problems that current simulation technology can address and collaborate on addressing those problems. The detailed format of these subsequent days will be determined by the program participants.