Center for Gravitational Wave Physics Seminars and Events

Second Annual Science Jamboree

October 12, 2009

The CGWP seminar on October 6, 2009 was devoted to the second annual Science Jamboree. The idea behind the science jamboree was to get everyone acquainted with everyone else and their science. This is an opportunity for all members and groupies of the CGWP to give a concise summary of their research to all the other members of the center .

The rules were simple:

  • All CGWP members were treated equally, regardless of their status.
  • Everyone had 3 minutes and a single (old-fashioned) transparency to make their presentation. We had an overhead projector set up for transparencies.
  • A presentation was followed by 2 minutes of questions from the audience.
  • The order of the talks remained alphabetical by last name, based on the list of members.
  • The rules were strictly enforced (without passion or prejudice) by the master of ceremonies, Mike Eracleous.
  • Beverages were served before the talks and pizza was served following the Jamboree but only to jamboree participants.
  • Members of the audience were welcome to come and go according their obligations as long as they were discreet and considerate.

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